Staff focus: Peter Coughlin

At Cepac we're incredibly proud of our people. This is the first in a series of staff focus articles where we shine a light on the many faces who make up our team.

Peter is a plain speaking and highly experienced Print Manager who is passionate about graphics and the changing trends in corrugated packaging. He is optimistic about the future as graphical quality and versatility are about to be transformed both for retail and home shopping.


What’s happening in the world of printed packaging?

The impact of graphics has never been more obvious than it is today. Packaging has become the silent salesman, whether in retail or for home shopping. It is becoming increasingly versatile to meet our needs of for fast, on-demand response.

To take a single example, the unboxing experience has become so potent that it is being featured regularly on social media.

Recent developments in printing technology have ensured outstanding print quality and versatility alongside fast response times. Standout appeal is being achieved with interesting and outstanding graphics.

What’s happening in print?

Corrugated graphics are already available in fine detail and photographic quality although they have in the past been subject to many traditional compromises. Many of these impose significant constraints in terms of time and quantity produced – and frequently both.

Ours is an ‘instant’ society where the quality and sheer versatility of digital printing will have a transformational impact.


Why is that relevant to corrugated packaging?

The digital revolution will soon ensure that ultra-high-quality graphics will be available on demand at our fingertips, from a computer keyboard and screen, and with perfect predictability and repeatability.


What about sustainability and environmental impact?

Digital printing has been developed to produce exact quantities without waste and, because it is non-contact printing, the paper construction can be reduced. We have measured significant reductions in paper and our carbon footprint.


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