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EPS / Polystyrene

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Void Fill

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Sustainable Transit Packaging Solutions

Our range of coatings and papers can offer:

  • Protection for high gloss finishes.
  • Coatings to make cardboard water resistant and leak proof.
  • Coatings to help stop metal components rusting whilst in storage or transit.
  • Metallic style waterproof papers.
  • High strength papers to offer the ultimate burst and tear protection.


Introducing our corrugated curved corrugated packaging.

Arcwise is an innovative technology that enables corrugated packaging to form eye-catching shapes never seen before in the retail environment. Arcwise gives brand owners real stand-out on shelf using a stronger, lighter and totally sustainable material.

A thing of beauty

Arcwise® takes its inspiration from the natural world, a place where the curved form has been attracting the human eye since time began. In a typical food store, the consumer passes around 300 different products per minute, making it extremely important to differentiate your product from the other brands around it. Curved packaging instantly grabs attention on shelf. Arcwise presents an excellent print surface for high quality images, offering a superior visual appearance and infinite opportunities to increase sales.

Not just a pretty face

The benefits of Arcwise go far beyond the way it looks providing improved strength due to its curved shape and reduced transit crush risk, combined with highly stable loads.

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