Staff focus: Luke Childs-Dixon

At Cepac we're incredibly proud of our people. This is one in a series of staff focus articles where we shine a light on the many faces who make up our team.

Luke spoke to us about his first few months at Cepac, what excites him about the business and how he's fit in. 

Portrait photograph of Luke Childs-Dixon with Cepac logo in background.


Can you describe your role at Cepac?

I joined Cepac on 10 January 2022. My role as Business Development Executive at Darlington is to find new potential clients. This usually involves an active search in the first place, hopefully culminating in a good match and successfully developing new customer/client relationships.


What does your typical day look like at Cepac?

Initially my days were taken up with inductions although moving on swiftly to undertake a research project to find new prospects. Typically, this involved researching 50 different businesses within one week.

I graduated from Leeds Beckett University in September 2021 and this type of work was relatively new to me and has proved to be really interesting. I researched where the businesses in our local area are, what they do, and whether they represent the right leads for our company.

I had not realised previously how many different businesses there are locally, and the importance of building a network of direct contacts. Having established the network, the key lies in the follow up.


Who do you tend to work alongside?

There is a strong team, both in the office and working externally, and I also work closely with Mark Hextall, Head of Sales.

This means that I can always obtain help and advice whenever I need it.


What attracted you to Cepac in the first place?

I live locally in Darlington where it is always said that Cepac is a really good place to work. They have a proper graduate scheme. There is a lot of learning and development, so it is not a matter of jumping straight in!

There are good benefits such as pensions, although the main attraction is the prospect of steady career progression.


What excites you about Cepac?

It will be a test of myself to apply what I have learned from university in a business setting.

I am most excited about what the job entails because there is a lot to it. There are many people in the factory who depend upon the business flowing in.


What is the Cepac culture?

Everybody is really nice and welcoming. I have previously taken part-time employment in retail where the atmosphere was alright one day but moody on the next.

Everyone in Cepac has been so welcoming. This has helped me to settle in and to feel confident from the beginning.


What does Cepac do well?

Definitely, Cepac can see the bigger picture. They are morally and ethically aware of their contribution and have taken pains to build a sustainable business.


What are your career ambitions?

Like most people I wish to be successful and to become financially secure although, most of all, I have the opportunity here to build a good solid network.

I have taken every opportunity to learn because I enjoy learning and want to continue to learn until the day that I retire. 

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