Staff focus: Keith Cruttwell

At Cepac we're incredibly proud of our people. This is one in a series of staff focus articles where we shine a light on the many faces who make up our team.

Keith has a wealth of experience at our Doncaster site. He runs through his role, changes over time and some stand out events at Cepac.

Profile pic, Keith Crutterwell


Can you describe your role at Cepac?

I am Production Supervisor at Cepac Doncaster where my job focusses upon the development and manufacture of specialist packaging for Point-of-Sale.

We operate a Management Information System which breaks down our planning system into individual task according to a timescale. We have different timelines for incoming orders, and it is often a question of how we best balance our forward orders whilst keeping space for any short notice that arises out of the blue.

This is always a difficult balance where anticipation is the name of the game. My aim is to fill all our production operations to create a seamless flow. This involves always looking ahead and identifying any potential tight spots before they arise. I make certain that everything is produced to a good standard and is on schedule.

I work closely with all our people from sales and design to packing and delivery. Our forward load always varies, and this requires flexible working to respond best to our customers’ priorities.


What does your typical day look like at Cepac?

My ideal day is to crew our manufacturing resources with a steady demand for each one, although this very rarely happens. Our market is volatile, and, despite long peaks of high demand, there are also lulls in demand. Every day and every job are different, and we have learned to be adaptable.

Consequently, we are always looking for ways of becoming more efficient. During any periods of low demand, we are organising training including Health & Safety.


What changes have you encountered over time?   

I joined as a Die cut operator and then was transferred into print finishing, later becoming a Team Leader and then Supervisor.

Our Management Information System is brilliant software which has been developed over time to enable us to monitor and control production. We have access to granular detail and every day are learning how best to develop our capabilities. The original version didn’t look anything like what we have today. It now allows us to see exactly where we are with respect not only to current production but also to see any jobs arising.


What do you consider have been the standout events?

The Covid pandemic was challenging, we responded accordingly. We undertook extensive operator assessment, development and training which has underpinned our subsequent growth.

Despite these challenges, it has been all about developing our team. We have concentrated upon factory communication and a messaging board and have developed a strong team ethos where the customer comes first.


What have been the most exciting products and projects with which you have been involved?

Cepac produce unique Point-of-Sale which are frequently developed from scratch. Our in-house development process usually captures everybody’s attention.

The most memorable of many has been our display unit for Campo Viejo which won the UK Packaging Award last year.

Image of display holding Campo wine bottles in store. Overlayed with small UK Packaging Awards 2021 Winner logo.

The ‘DeLorean’ display unit for ‘Back to the Future’ is particularly dramatic and impactful with the sports car crashing through the display.

These displays are different, striking and really grab attention. There is usually a considerable amount of intrigue during the manufacturing process. The feedback from our own sales’ people during their development is always a first indicator of success.


What do you consider that Cepac has done particularly well?

It is characteristic of Cepac that there is always support available whenever required to help people out. The Cepac terms and conditions, such as pension and medical support, are excellent although quite often support also comes in the form of discreet assistance in the event of problems. I know that when people have experienced personal problems, they have received practical help and independent advice.

On the back of mutual support, we have built a very close-knit family.


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