Staff focus: Danny Brewster

At Cepac we're incredibly proud of our people. This is one in a series of staff focus articles where we shine a light on the many faces who make up our team.

Danny talks about team spirit, new technologies and (believe it or not) DeLorean's!

Portrait of Danny Brewster with Cepac logo in background.

Can you describe your role at Cepac?

I am Production Manager at Cepac Doncaster where we operate as a close-knit family. My job is to work alongside a highly skilled team including sales, design and estimating to produce impactful Point-of-Sale. Quite often we have demanding timelines and I must make certain that everything is produced to a good standard and is on schedule.

We have concentrated upon training and development to ensure that we all are multi-skilled. This means that we have all bases covered. There is no such thing as an ‘us and them’ mentality at Cepac which means that we can all roll up our sleeves and muck in together.


What does your typical day look like at Cepac?

There is no such thing as a typical day! I like to be involved at every single stage of the process to ensure that every aspect is on track and on schedule. My role is always exciting, challenging, and new - every project that we do is different.

I coach football in my spare time, both 11s and 16s, where it is essential that we deliver as a team. We take the same approach at Cepac where we all share the same team spirit, and I would not change anyone.


What changes have you encountered over time?   

I was recruited in 1995 to operate a hand bench screen printer and progressed through production to supervision before becoming Production Manager. In our early days we used to operate four Screen print lines and plan everything on paper.  

We operate from a modern factory where printing and finishing have come together within the same building. We keep communication very close so that everyone knows what is happening.

Our screen presses have been superseded by new technology and we invested in the Tharston’s system to automate and control our systems and scheduling. This has allowed us to take factory management to another level.   


What do you consider have been the standout events?

We have invested in the very latest technology at Cepac and always produce to a very high-quality standard. Our recent investment includes an HP 17,000 for digital printing, Zund automatic cutting, Blickers and Lamina gluing and finishing. These machines require a high standard of operation combined with regular planned maintenance. Everything seems to be going digital.

Although Covid has proved to be challenging, particularly social isolation and quarantine, we have maintained standards throughout. We make sure that we employ the right people. We take care about how we develop ‘new starters’ and always ensure try to promote from within.

Despite challenges, our progress has been amazing. The customer comes first, and people will always stay behind to get the job done.


What have been the most exciting products and projects with which you have been involved?

When you see the product in-store for yourself there is a fantastic pride in our displays. Amongst many others, the ‘DeLorean’ sports car unit for ‘Back to the Future’ has had some incredible reviews. It was a real team effort.

DeLoean car made of corrugated cadboard

I feel proud of everyone on site. You don’t come across that sense of pride very often in any other job.


What do you consider that Cepac has done particularly well?

Our investment in future technology has been outstanding. Clearly, we have not been standing still.

We have built a close-knit family and the basis of long-lasting customer relationships. I love it here.

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