Safety and wellbeing - March '24

Safety Culture and Leadership 2024

At Cepac, the ongoing support and education of our team is a cornerstone of our business. Recently, around 50 of our Management team took part in a very important training session that focussed on observational safety and wellbeing within our facilities.

Held on 20th March in Doncaster, we welcomed the renowned specialist in the area of safety in the workplace, Prof. Tim Marsh. He guided the Management team through a detailed and interactive session that engaged and challenged many of the team to look at how safety leadership can help us to create a proactive safety culture within Cepac. In the session, Tim undertook a deep-dive into examining human error and why people behave the way they do. He also illustrated the links between well-being, mental health and the impact of positive ways of thinking.

“The success of our business is down to the safety and well being of every single member of our team,” said Rod Ainslie, CEO, who took part in the training event in Doncaster. “World class safety management methodologies were showcased during the event, and it is really rewarding to see the enthusiasm with which the entire Management team engaged in this thought-provoking session from Tim. The event was a great success and it will be good to see aspects of the presentations being translated into real life scenarios across our factories.”

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