Rotherham Solar Investment

We're pleased to announce that 2022 marks significant investment in our Rotherham factory. Solar panels are currently being installed on site. 

Check back on this post for updates throughout the project and read on to see our updates on the project so far!



The countdown has begun!


The installation time will span ten to twelve weeks. We are currently half way through the project which is not impacting site productivity. 

Shown below, an update photo from IES (Innovative Efficient Solutions). For more process pictures see their original post on LinkedIn here.


Considering our options


Choosing our new energy source took time and consideration. Evaluating the options began two years ago. We considered CHP (Combined Heat and Power), Solar and Wind. We decided to start our journey with our own Solar powered green energy as this would give the most immediate return.


Green Energy Supply

Whilst the Rotherham solar panel installation is significant, it is just a part of our wider sustainability story. Cepac have been purchasing external green energy since 2016.

In 2021 Cepac partnered with Shell Energy to help decarbonise its national operations. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve our operations.


In numbers


This £1.45m solar investment will provide around 25% of our electricity requirements focusing on domestic hot water. 

For a property as large as our Rotherham factory this is a significant quantity of power generated. This is an influential project for our site and net zero journey.


Our partners

We’re working with IES (Innovative Efficient Solutions) on the installation. IES are a London based engineering firm who have been on site in Rotherham since the middle of April 2022.

View their work below (pictures courtesy of IES).


Group wide plans

The Rotherham investment is the first for the business and further investments will be rolled out across the group. This is a continuous investment program and commitment.