Press Release: 12th September 2023 - Cepac Darlington

Cepac responds to Unite's decision to extend strike action at the Darlington site.

Steve Moss, Cepac Group Managing Director said: “It is disappointing that Unite has announced a further 2 week extension to strike action at our Darlington site. This is likely to exacerbate the loss of customers and downturn in business experienced due to the current lack of capacity, including the total loss of all print capacity over the past weeks, as a consequence of the strike action”.

Moss went on to explain: “We have done and continue to do our best to keep our customers supplied, but it is entirely understandable that they will seek supplies elsewhere when Darlington cannot supply. Against this background it continues to be disappointing that Unite continues to fail to engage with the key issue that orders are drastically reducing as a consequence of the strike action. The threat of legal action contained within Unite’s press release will do nothing to restore orders and create work to keep people employed when work is simply not there in the future”.


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