Enterprising pupils raise money for school with factory bun sale

Pupils from Rawcliffe Bridge Primary have teamed up with staff at a local factory to hold a bake sale to raise money for their school. 

Children, who have relatives employed at Cepac’s corrugated cardboard packaging plant, got together with staff to whip up a batch of buns, cakes and cookies and recently held a bake sale at the East Riding site, raising £75 for the school.

The money raised will be used to help subsidise trips and buy equipment for the school.

Nigel Hobson, Sales and Commercial Manager at Cepac Rawcliffe, said: “One of our team members, Sam Tyrer, organised the whole event, she arranged for the children to come on to the site to sell the buns which were greatly enjoyed by all staff.

“Quite a few of our team have children at Rawcliffe Bridge Primary School and we were happy to help out with the bake sale. Supporting our local community is very important to us it was also a big surprise to see how many secret bakers we have within the team!”