Digital Printing

As an HP Global Development Partner, our digital printing technology is second to none. We’re constantly investing in printing and cutting machinery and we now offer digital printing for both short run packaging and point of sale.

The latest digital technology allows for elements of personalisation on print, with unique artwork or codes now able to be added to individual packs. More importantly for your bottom line, it enables you to increase speed to market, reducing what can often be long manufacturing lead-times, while minimising the amount of stock you need to hold.

In short we transform your supply chain!

Lithographic Printing

Our high-definition litho printing capabilities ensure market-leading graphic resolution across the board. With low set up costs and a relatively fast-turnaround compared to other techniques, our litho printing offers one of the most competitive solutions on the market without compromising on the look and feel of the product.

Using specially developed hybrid screening technologies, we are able to achieve the most vibrant colours and subtlest skin tones commercially available for corrugated packaging today. In fact, the 300 lines per inch we deliver is twice as fine as the lines per inch widely used in conventional litho printed packaging. In addition, it brings ‘glossy magazine cover’ clarity to corrugated packaging with little or no extra cost.

Screen Printing

Our practical knowledge and experience of silk screen printing using specialty inks and spot varnishes can help a POS display really stand out.

With the rapid advance of digital technologies, screen printing isn’t always front of mind when people are considering innovative packaging solutions. However, this well-established and classic technique can still offer benefits when used appropriately and it can make sound business sense to consider what it might do for your product.

Flexographic Printing

With almost 20 years’ experience in Flexo printing, we know everything there is to about this popular packaging solution.

We offer both conventional post-print and pre-printed packaging, across a range of materials from brown recycled grades to premium coated papers. This means we can accurately manage the print of anything from a single colour logo on a brown shipping box, to a full HD 6-colour take home pet food pack.