What will the future of packaging look like?

The only constant in this world is change. Since 1999, Cepac has believed in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in packaging, working in collaboration with our customers to deliver industry-leading solutions.

We believe we're truly at the edge of a new technological revolution that will deliver - even demand - exponential change as we capitalise together on new opportunities like never before.

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Faithful brand extension is now possible, with latest digital printing enabling consistent and repeatable colour reproduction.


Digital innovations enable just-in-time printing and short order runs, eliminating expensive overstocking. More focussed promotional campaigns means you can enter new markets quickly and more effectively than ever before.


Unique reference codes, hidden in print, means you can now check the origins and authenticity of your products at every touchpoint, at the touch of a button.


Digital production methods shorten approval times, allowing fast response to market opportunities, getting products on shelves faster than ever before.


Optimise your customer engagement. Digital print technology allows short customised print runs which opens up incredible new innovation opportunities, including up-to-the-minute responsiveness and even the incorporation of Augmented Reality codes.


The flexibility and creativity of new products like Arcwise allow you to go beyond the humble square box and let your imagination take flight.

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